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From the cultural heartlands of Zimbabwe, Casino Marina brings you the best Zimbabwe has to offer. We have captured both the business luxury of the Central and the idyllic flavor of the Northern Dales. The tasteful mix is an apt representation of the Sunshine City, a legacy of the best of Rhodesia. Casino Marina Harare is located in the Locheng Plaza of Mutley Bend, Harare; the plaza itself is home to a shopping mall, salons, supermarkets, massage parlors etc. These complement all the hip bars and traditional crafts that Harare’s tourist oriented culture offers so readily.

The casino is just 45 minutes away from Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport and is located close to the National Sports Stadium and the Warren Hills Golf Club. Casino Marina Harare is not just the BIGGEST casino in all of Harare (having over 23 tables) but is also in a prime location for a day of fun, a night of entertainment and a convenient transit once the party is over.

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Blackjack is very scientific; if you play it right even you can become a savant.


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Winner or not, everyone has a loves baccarat


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Every time the ball drops a winner is born. We offer both dealt roulette and auto roulette to cater to all preferences


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A game of skill masquerading as a game of chance. At Casino Marina Harare we offer 3 card, 5 card and 7 card poker.


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A colorful experience on the fanciest machines on the market.


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You will always find Casino Marina, Your Winning Destination at up-and-coming major tourist or business hotspots of a nation. Casino Marina Harare extends the essence of Casino Marina's prestige, captured from the rolling golden beaches of Sri Lanka's shores globally, filling the voracious appetite everyone has for winning. Casino Marina is a registered trademark of Rank Entertainment Holdings' international operations. All rights reserved.

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